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Oswald Muehlmann was born in 1957 on a mountain farm in the small village of Ausservillgraten in East Tyrol (Austria). First hints on his ability of extrasensual perception got apparent when he was four years old. Starting from 1978 he expanded his skills of dowsing before in 1987 he made his first experiences with seeing the aura.

Despite his exceeding talent Oswald Muehlmann always was an autochthonous human being. He likes to share his knowledge and his experiences. In vivid fasion he explains his tecnique of extrasensual perception. Furthermore he gives advice how life can be or become happy and fruitful. Oswald Muehlmann helps people to understand their potential in order to support them make connection with their inner self again. This increases their quality of life and protects them against negativity.

"It's not the body who has an aura, it's the aura creating the body."
- Oswald Muehlmann -

Analysis of the Aura

Aura illustration

Many stories about clairvoyant people were written in ancient books. They had the ability to perceive energy fields that most of the so called "normal" people could not see. Is it necessary to have a special talent to see something that does not seem to exist but that is real?

When Oswald Muehlmann is analyzing the aura of a person he recognizes the structure of the energy field within a few seconds. He sees its condition and its colours. Based on this perception he draws conclusions:

- How is the energy flow of the body?

- Are parts of the aura energetically blocked? Which ones?

- Is the person's inner balance intact?

- How can the vitality of the person be influenced in a positive way?


Oswald Muehlmann is using his dowse - a metal spring - as a tool

- to find water in the underground

- to gain geological knowledge

- to define the ideal sleeping space

In the video he uses the dowse to look for water in the underground.

In geomancy a lot of knowledge about mysterious power places was gathered. By using a dowse these places can be explored.

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