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Oswald Muehlmann

... as consultant

As consultant Oswald Muehlmann is in great demand – in his hometown region as well as in other austrian states, in Germany, Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein. In the past years Oswald Muehlmann his ability to see the aura also led him to events in Latvia and the United States of America.

On Tour in New York

Teaching a workshop
in the metropolitan area of New York Oswald Muehlmann was invited to an interview by Mitchell J. Rabin, the founder of A Better World. In his explanations he offered a deep look in his diverse abilities and in his work. As always in interviews Oswald Muehlmann very much focused on explaining the fundamental basic knowledge about the aura.

Lectures (Selection):
"Contact to the Afterworld - Instructions for Realization", New York City, 2018
"The human Aura in natural/energetical Medicine", New Jersey, 2017
"Theory and Practice of Dowsing", New York City, 2017
"Helpful Knowledge: The human Aura and its Influence on Vitality and Mind", New York City, 2013
"Human Consciousness beyond the human Body. We know more than we are aware of", Riga, 2007

Newspaper reports about Oswald Muehlmann Oswald Muehlmann was interviewed by several newspapers over the years. He very much likes to talk about his knowledge regarding the dowsing and to share his insights about the perception of the aura.

He also was invited to radio stations and to prime-time TV talkshows. In Germany for example he was guest of TV pastor Juergen Fliege, in Austria he was discussing different matters with Vera Russwurm and Barbara Karlich.

Appearances in TV shows (Selection):
Talkshow "Barbara Karlich" (ORF) entitled "Easter Miracle", 2007; Picture:ORF/Hubert Mican
Segment in "taff" (Pro7) entitled "The Seer", 2002
Talkshow "Vera" (ORF) entitled "Fateful Day", 2002; Picture: ORF/Milenko Badzic
Talkshow "Fliege" (ARD) entitled "Child Prodigies", 2002; Picture: Ingrid Grossmann
Talkshow "Barbara Karlich" (ORF) entitled "I was healed", 2002
Talkshow "Fliege" (ARD) entitled "I am a Clairvoyant", 2002; Picture: Ingrid Grossmann

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