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Oswald Mühlmann

Oswald Muehlmann

... and the third eye

Everbody owns one and feels it: the aura. According to Oswald Muehlmann the problem seems to be that the big majority of man is ignoring it. He has the aptitude of clairvoyance since childhood by using the third eye.

Oswald Muehlmann explains his talent by making reference to nature: "Nature is a reliable measurement tool. It shows the actual flow of energy. Watching plants we can easily recognize the volume of vitality", says Muehlmann who has the X-ray vision. "Watching a flower it is immediately obvious how the flower is doing. If the flower has problems, its head is hanging down. If a person is physically or mentally sick the person metaphorically also gets buckled. Its spine becomes bandy."

The condition of every life form is shown in its aura which is a subtle field of energy. This field of energy gets more and more inwardly condensed and materializes into the form of the human body. "The subtle field of energy and the body form a unified whole. That’s why you can say something about the condition of the body based on what you see in the aura“, explains Muehlmann. The extent of vitality of a person, an animal or a plant is shown in the colours of the energy field. "If the colours are bright and shiny the condition is healthy. Dull and grey colours indicate loss of energy."

What is the Aura?

In a detailed interview (covered with english subtitles) with the YouTube channel Empirische Jenseitsforschung Oswald Muehlmann explains in vivid fashion the basic features of the energy field that is called aura. Furthermore he describes his path of life and stages of his extended perception.

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