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Cover of the book "From my Perspective"

"From my Perspective"

Oswald Muehlmann’s first book – published in 2001 – is well known for being an easy but deep read. He is not hovering in „higher dimensions“ but standing on mother earth with both feet. Therefore he is not using terms that sound good but say nothing. In his book he is telling who he became a clairvoyant. With his story he wants to encourage his readers to promote their personal development. Furthermore he places hints in his book that show how to lead a healthier and happier life.

As paper the book is not availabe anymore. But he provides it digitally for free in three different formats (in german language only).

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"Courage is an attitude that allows us human beings to exceed supposed limits."
Oswald Muehlmann in "From my Perspective" (Page 28)

"From his Perspective"

Mr. Muehlmann explains on the YouTube channel
Einblicke ins Jenseits his point of view - for example how it is possible to see other people's aura. The key for this kind of perception is the third eye: It's the door to the spiritual dimension, the connection to its energy leads the way to hidden secrets. (In German only)

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